Personal Water Taxi Vs. Public Ferry; Which One is Right For You?

Any serious vacationer or traveler knows that without a plan, you’re doomed. Traveling through the Caribbean Islands can be tricky. Once here, you’ll be glad to know of two options to use as transportation. Personal water taxis and the public ferry, which are standard all around the islands. This article will discuss the pros and cons of each and a guide on how you should make your choice. 

What is a Personal Water Taxi?

A personal water taxi is a water-based transportation service. They typically operate in and around coastal areas and islands. Typically, Personal water taxis are smaller than traditional taxi boats and offer passengers a more intimate and personalized experience. They are often used for short-distance trips to get you to your final destination. In the Virgin Islands, everywhere is accessible by a private water taxi, and with Dolphin, we have the only water taxi license in the British Virgin Islands, making us the best service in the BVI! A personal water taxi must be Coast Guard certified, so when boarding you should feel safe and at ease. Be sure to look around when boarding a vessel, and ask about the coast guard required items.

Pros and Cons of a Water Taxi

A private water taxi can be a great way to get around the islands if you’re comfortable with boats and have some extra cash to spend. They are generally faster than other forms of transportation, including public ferries. Another pro of a private water taxi is the experience. You’ll get a chance to be friendly with the captain and ask any questions you may have about the islands surrounding you. A perk of Dolphin is complementary beverages for each guest along your journey. 

Some cons of private water taxis are the price as well as the waves of the ocean. Generally, a private water taxi will be more expensive. But you’re paying for great service and a personalized experience. You’ll tend to feel the waves more when aboard a small vessel. So, if you get easily seasick, be sure to take some Dramamine before boarding. 

What is the Public Ferry?

Public ferries are a vital part of the transportation infrastructure in many parts of the world. They provide a safe and reliable way to move people and goods between two points, often when other modes of transportation are not practical or possible.

Public ferries come in all shapes and sizes, from small boats carrying a few dozen passengers to large vessels transporting hundreds of people simultaneously. No matter what their size or propulsion system, all public ferries have one thing in common; they must meet strict safety standards to ensure the safety of their passengers and crew.

Pros and Cons of a Public Ferry 

There are both pros and cons to having a public ferry. On the plus side, a ferry can be a great way to get around if you live in an area with limited public transportation options. Ferries are also typically much cheaper than other forms of transportation, such as flying or taking a private charter. 

On the downside, public ferries can be very crowded, especially during peak times. They can also be slow and frustrating if you’re in a hurry to your destination. In addition, weather can sometimes be a factor with public ferries, as they may be canceled or delayed due to rough seas.

The Verdict 

There’s no question that technology has changed how we live, but it’s also changed how we travel! There are now many options available to you when it comes to getting to and from your final destination. One of these options is the personal water taxi. If money isn’t an issue the private water taxi will always be the better choice.

Dolphin Water Taxi has been voted for the best customer satisfaction for two years. Proving our quality service. We’ve also been the leading water taxi service for seven years! If interested in a personal water taxi, visit our homepage and start your booking.






4 responses to “Personal Water Taxi Vs. Public Ferry; Which One is Right For You?

  1. lori bricks Avatar
    lori bricks

    we are planning a vacation to the red hook area in December, 2023.
    do you have available rates from STT airport?
    Lori Bricks

    1. Andrew Keaveny Avatar
      Andrew Keaveny

      Hey Lori! Please send us a message, via text +1-340-774-2628, Instagram, Facebook, or email address, – Thanks Dolphin Team

  2. Susan Probolus Avatar
    Susan Probolus

    How many people can you take and what would the rate be from SST to VG? We might be 18 people or possibly just 12.

    1. Andrew Keaveny Avatar
      Andrew Keaveny

      Hey Susan, please send us a text so we can give you those numbers directly! – +1-340-774-2628 Thanks – Dolphin Shuttle Team

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