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Carnival in The Virgin Islands

If you’ve ever been to the Caribbean during the Spring time, chances are you’ve heard of Carnival. This is the most lively time of year down here for all the permanent residents and the guests who fly in to experience the culture and vibes. In this article, I’m going to give you a brief history of the weekly event and some of the best things to do. Throw on your most colorful attire and get ready for Carnival in the Virgin Islands!

Carnival Back Story 

Carnival is an annual festival that is celebrated in many parts of the world, including the Virgin Islands. This festival is a time for people to come together, celebrate, and enjoy various forms of entertainment.

The history of Carnival in the Virgin Islands can be traced back to the 18th century, when the islands were under Danish rule. At that time, the festival was called “Jouvert,” which means “daybreak” in French. It was a celebration held by the enslaved Africans who worked on the Danish plantations. The festival was a way for them to let loose and forget about the harsh realities of their lives.

After the abolition of slavery in the mid-19th century, the celebration continued, but it became known as Carnival. The festival evolved over time, and new traditions were added, such as the colorful costumes, music, and parades that we see today.

One of the most popular events during Carnival is the calypso competition. Calypso is a form of music that originated in Trinidad and Tobago, but it has become an integral part of the Carnival celebrations in the Virgin Islands. The calypso competition is a showcase of the best singers and songwriters in the islands, and it’s a highly anticipated event every year.

Another important aspect of Carnival in the Virgin Islands is the “road march.” This is a parade that takes place on the final day of the festival, and it’s a chance for people to show off their elaborate costumes and dance to the infectious rhythms of the music.

Today, Carnival in the Virgin Islands is a vibrant and colorful celebration that attracts visitors from all over the world. The festival has grown to become one of the largest cultural events in the Caribbean, and it’s a testament to the enduring spirit and resilience of the people of the Virgin Islands.

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In conclusion, Carnival is a celebration of life, culture, and tradition in the Virgin Islands. It’s a time for people to come together, forget about their troubles, and enjoy the company of their friends and family. If you’re ever in the Virgin Islands during Carnival season, be sure to join in the festivities and experience the magic for yourself!






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