Customs, immigration, port fees, departure taxes, and processing fees are 65pp from the USVI to the BVI and 45pp from the BVI to the USVI

We often get questions about the "international processing fees" we charge here at Dolphin for guests travelling to and from the BVI. Years ago, it was simply referred to as "BVI customs fees". But then after security changes resulting from COVID-19, and more governmental increases from both the BVI and the USVI, Dolphin started to use the more broad term of "International processing fees". Today, there are a half dozen different cost components that go into the collection of $65pp "inbound" to the BVI, and $45pp returning from the BVI to the USVI.

The most often asked question is, "Do we have to pay this if we take the public ferry?" The easy answer is, "yes, but not nearly as much", because the public ferrys get a pass on 3/4 of the inbound fees to the BVI and have guests pay only $20-25pp departure taxes on the return to the USVI". Other fees for visitors using the public ferry system travelling inbound are built into the ticket price.

All private operators have to pay different fees than the public ferry each time they enter and exit.

The variety of fees are broken down in part, as follows:
For arrival to the BVI:

  • $16pp BVI Cruising Permit Fee
  • $25pp Document prep and filing fee
  • $14pp Built into the cost of per boat entry fee, per guest wharfage departing the secure port in Red Hook, and BVI immigration processing fees
  • $10pp Miscellaneous taxes and port fees

For returns from the BVI to the USVI:

  • $20pp BVI departure tax
  • $8pp USVI customs dock usage fee in St John and again in Red Hook
  • $6pp avg outbound boat clearance fee
  • $25 - $35 per boat entry fee to the US.