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March 4, 2020

STT airport customs delays just got longer!

One of the reasons so many of our guests choose private transfers from Dolphin Water Taxi to all points in the BVI is because we avoid the long customs lines into the BVI and back through the US entry at Red Hook, St. Thomas. However, when guests reach the airport at St. Thomas they all must pass through yet another (CBP) clearance process that is completely beyond our control on their way home.

February 8, 2020

Dolphin Water Taxi introduces its new facilities in the STT baggage claim and the Red Hook ferry terminal!

In furthering our expansion to better serve our guests traveling to The British Virgin Islands, Dolphin Water Taxi has secured check-in counter space at the STT airport baggage claim area as well as at the Red Hook public ferry terminal. This will enhance our ability to more expeditiously move our visitors from baggage claim to their final BVI destination. A primary goal is to minimize ground time and get our guests started on their vacation as quickly as possible; especially after a long day of air travel!

STT airport baggage claim