When time and convenience count
We offer quick transfers from St. Thomas airport to Tortola charter boats.

Private airport pickup direct to our boat on Red Hook ...

Why use Dolphin Water Taxi's private cab service? Regular St Thomas airport cabs won't depart without first filling up with arriving passengers, and then they make multiple stops along the way usually resulting in unnecessary delays. With Dolphin, you will have your own private cab directly to the port at Red Hook, and at only $15pp we are less expensive than airport cabs! After a long flight, come with us, avoid the hassle, and get your vacation started off on the right foot.

... where out boat and captain will be standing by to meet you.

Rather than standing outside in the hot sun along the waterfront in St Thomas waiting for the public ferry. Dolphin's boat and crew will be ready as soon as the cab arrives at the port. The crew will assist in transferring your luggage to the boat, chartered exclusively for your run to Tortola. They will verify you have current US passports, assist in filling out the BVI customs forms, and offer you a complimentary beer or water from the cooler to officially get the "fun" part of your vacation started.

It's a 30 minute ride to the Customs House at West End Tortola where Dolphin passengers "express - clear" into the BVI's

In the event rain makes an attempt to hinder the first part of your journey, our boats are covered so guests and luggage stay dry enroute to West End, Tortola. Dolphin guests enjoy our exclusive "Express-Clear" service into Tortola. There is no disembarking with 100 other arriving passengers standing in a long line carrying luggage that you would have with the passenger ferry system. As a Dolphin guest you and your luggage remain onboard while the captain rushes in to deposit the necessary paperwork with Customs officials.
To Soper's Hole
Voyage Charters

$80 ppd
To Nanny Cay
Virgin Traders
$90 ppd
To Village Cay
Road Town
The Moorings
$95 ppd

Based on a minimum of 4 guests.


Once cleared into the BVI's, our boat goes directly to your charter dock.

With customs paperwork filed, the captain will untie the boat and continue directly to your specific charter dock, thus saving the cost of a BVI cab from West End to your final destination. Our water taxi boat serves yacht charter operations in Soper's Hole (West End), Nanny Cay, and Village Cay (Road Town).

Late arriving flight? No worries!!!
Dolphin Water Taxi has the exclusive ability for after hours BVI customs clearance/entry.

A couple important notes:
1. If your arriving flight is late... no worries! Dolphin Water Taxi has a good relationship with our friends at the West End customs house who will come back in and re-open to clear our guests in. This way our arriving guests don't need to worry about a late flight ruining the beginning of their vacation plans.
2. For groups of 7 or more, Dolphin Water Taxi offers a 10% discount off the water taxi fare for the return leg of round-trip bookings.
3. We can have special refreshments catered for a nominal fee if requested in advance.
4. We can accomodate a boat-to-boat transfer if your charter yacht has already set sail, or if you need to depart to the St thomas airport earlier than planned. Pricing is dependent upon the location of the charter boat.
5. Fares do not include a $35pp wharfage, customs and immigration fee, a 5% VI sales tax, nor driver or crew gratuities.