US to BVI to US Travel During Covid-19 Restrictions

Dear Guests,
BVI entry/exit is possible now in mid-2021 but there are some complicated steps and hoops to jump through in order to vacation there.  The most notable change for May 15, is that tourist who are not vaccinated cannot visit the BVI for fewer than 8 days since the time for quarantine was moved from 4-days to 7-days.   Those who are vaccinated (and their minor children) need only quarantine for 1 day: They are released as soon as the entry test results return NEG which is usually within 24 hours.
Rest assured, your Dolphin staff will be there to assist along the way: By phone, text, and email in advance of your travel,  at the STT bag claim area to help connect with your Dolphin Airbridge charter flight to Tortola, at your BVI charter dock for boarding on your return date/time, and in Red Hook to get you handled by our land transport back to the STT airport. We offer a full-service, door-to-door experience for our guests.


With our regular seaport entry operations restricted due to Covid, Dolphin guests must fly in to Tortola with our private charter partner.  The return transfer is done as always with a dockside pickup at any charter dock back to St John for US entry, then Red Hook, and then the STT airport. 
Arrival pricing by air is $229pp to Beef Island airport in Tortola by our air charter partners, and $169pp returning from any charter dock by water taxi (5 guest min fare base), plus Int'l processing fees of $105/pp round trip.

For door to door round trip travel with us, simply complete the easy online booking form here  BVI Reservations Form  

Please review the remaining items on this page. There is a USVI and BVI requirement that everyone receive a NEG Covid test result within 5 days of their travel.  The BVI requires that it be a PCR Nasal test, which will also work for the USVI which only requires a rapid-test  - either will qualify guests for their return journey from the BVI back to the USVI.  Those who are returning with us by air instead of by sea fall under a 3-day rule (for air travel only).  Whichever the case, please do not forget to complete the USVI entry portal again within either 3 days if by air, or 5-days if by sea.

Your BVI charter company or hotel can supply you with local facility information for that test, which can be just the Rapid-test, if avail.  Those how have the Covid antibodies from having the virus can use a note from the Dr stating this which will also work in lieu of the covid entry testing requirement. (only for the USVI entry. The BVI does not accept this)


1. Dolphin's weight and passport data Airbridge charter flight data form:
    This is an entry for passenger names/weights for the manifest as well as uploads for picture pages of passports.
    This form can be completed as soon as practical after the reservations form.
 2. USVI travel entry portal for your arrival:
   (Req'd a first time for arrival, even though just continuing on to the BVI with Dolphin and req'd again within 5-days prior to returning) 
   Contact tel for the USVI entry and travel info 800-372-8784
3. BVI Gateway Portal:
   (Req'd one time.  Make sure you click on the "visitor" tab at the top)
   Guests show proof of testing, health insurance and charter or hotel contract and pay their $105 for covid testing/tracing and should get the travel authorization within 24 hours of submission
   This form needs to be submitted by each traveller at least 48 hours or more of arrival.  Narrow window... must test no further than 5-days before entry, and then submit results no later than 48 hrs before.
   IMPORTANT:  If you do not have your "BVI Authorization Certificate" emailed back to you by 24 hours prior to travel, Dolphin can help locate and expedite this authorization to prevent arrival delays.


1. USVI travel entry portal AGAIN for your return, done within 5-days by sea and 3-days if by air:
  (Same submission Req'd a 2nd time for return transitioning back through the USVI by water taxi)
   Electronic displays on Cell phones or PDA's are sufficient as long as the docs match the passports.

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