US to BVI to US Travel During Covid-19 Restrictions

Updated April 11th, 2022

Dear Guests,

There are some complicated steps and processes in order to vacation in the BI during times of Covid and to comply not only with the BVI entry protocols, but also those for the USVI.

Here are the major points entering the BVI and returning to the USVI with Dolphin Water Taxi.

  1. ALL vaccinated guests can now avoid the rapid-test at entry to the BVI and the associated $50pp cost by having a 2-day Neg nasal PCR or Rapid Antigen test.
  2. Unvaccinated children 17 and younger enter the BVI with the same status as the parents. If the parents have a 1 or 2-day test, then neither they nor the kids need to be tested upon entry.  However, 3, 4, or 5 day test requires that everyone be tested upon arrival ($50pp and 20mins to get results).
  3. Everyone must complete the USVI entry portal with Neg Covid test results 1-5 days prior to travel to get their green QR code in order to enter bag claim
  4. All guests must bring with them a copy of their vaccination record, 2 or 5-day test for BVI entry, and proof of health insurance coverage for Int'l travel if not fully COVID vaccinated (jabbed).
  5. Unvaccinated guests in the BVI have a 5 day quarantine on their boat or in their hotel/villa
  6. Guests who have only the 5-day test (not the 2 day) landing in STT before 2pm should complete this BVI personal datalink for testing at West end,  
  7. Prior to returning to the USVI from the BVI, guests must individually get a Neg test within 5 days of the return and then complete the USVI entry portal a 2nd time. 
  8. Fully vaccinated individuals no longer need a negative test to get into the USVI.
  9. We recommend the $40 BinaxNowAG tele-med test kits be brought with you (and even a spare just in case) as most tests administered in the BVI run about $125pp-$150pp.

If any dolphin guests have left over unused test kits we're happy to purchase them from you on your return for future use by guest who may need one in the BVI.

Rest assured, your Dolphin staff will be there to assist along the way: By phone, text, and email in advance of your travel.

We will meet arriving guests at our meet/greet counter at the STT bag claim area.  Cold beer, water, and rum shots while immigrations forms are completed and entry fees collected.

The Dolphin cab then transfers guests to meet the boat in Red Hook ( or our cab will collect you at your St Thomas hotel to start the trip.)



STT to Tortola by air is $259pp(279pp weekends) to Beef Island airport in Tortola by our air charter service waiting for you after STT bag collection (only an 18min flight, 5guest min fare base).

Transfers by water taxi are $189pp ea way weekdays and 189pp weekends to any Tortola charter dock.

  • Virgin Gorda, Peter, and Cooper are $239pp.
  • Necker, Moskito, BEYC, and Oil Nut Bay are 259pp.

Regardless of transfer mode, International fees are 65pp for entry and 45pp returning. $110pp for round trip travel.

All transfers have a six guest min fare base, but ride sharing is most often available. Often, we can combine smaller groups together so all enjoy the same per person pricing.


The BVI will charge $50pp for the rapid-test at the entry customs stop for those guests who do not have the 2-day test result with them.  

We wait the 20mins for test results and then continue on with you to your dock.  

$10pp cash environmental fee is collected by the BVI just after entry clearance.

For door to door round trip travel with us, simply complete the easy online booking form here - BVI Reservations Form  


1. Dolphin's passport data form:
    This is an entry for passenger passport data so that we may get you cleared in advance of your arrival to save time. 
    This form can be completed as soon as practical after the reservations form. IMPORTANT: ONE FORM WITH ALL PASSPORTS FOR EACH GROUP.
2. USVI travel entry portal for your arrival:
   (Req'd a first time for arrival, even though just continuing on to the BVI with Dolphin and req'd again within 3-days prior to returning) 
    Contact tel for the USVI entry and travel info 800-372-8784
    The return form asks the vessel name, vessel #, and passenger #.  You may use "Dolphin", 001, and 1A for each passenger
    This will kick out a green QR code which you need to present just prior to entering bag claim at the USVI
3. BVI personal info entered to the Hummingbird link to get your rapid-test QR code (only for those without the 2-day test.)  
    Guests with the 2-day test need only show their results at Customs for entry to be waived for the $50 rapid test.
    BVI now accepts BiNax Now test kit with the AG card for entry. Make sure it's the Binax test kit AG card with telemed (Not the home test made by binax) 


1. USVI travel entry portal AGAIN for your return.  Neg test within 5-days:

    Electronic displays on Cell phones or PDAs are sufficient to display QR code to US customs as long as the docs match the passports.

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