Dolphin Water Taxi vs Public Ferry System

 Expected wait time 0 min 1 - 4 hours
100% private service available Yes No
Dockside delivery/ pickup Yes No
Extra bags are free Yes No
Assistance with customs Yes No
STT airport meet/ greet
(beer, water, and rum shots!)
Yes No
Reliability factor 100% 88%

Pricing example

Per person rate from STT airport to The Mooring BVI with 2 bags. This is what a sample bill looks like based on your pricing.

 Land transfer to meet boat $19 $25
Boat ride to entry point $150 $70
Transfer to Moorings dock $0 $15
Total $169 $110

Note 1: Dolphin per person pricing based on a five guest minimum.
Note 2: Customs entry fees are higher when using private transportation versus the public ferry.