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The Benefits of Using a Water Taxi Service in the Virgin Islands

Down in the Virgin Islands, there aren’t many choices for transportation. Realistically, you have three options, taxi, walk, or water taxi. So, what are the benefits of using a water taxi service in the Virgin Islands, and why should you choose it?

The Virgin Islands are known for their beaches, clear waters, and stunning scenery. With so much natural beauty to explore, it’s no wonder that water taxis have become a popular mode of transportation in the region. With that said, water taxis offer you convenience, comfort, speed, flexibility, and a unique experience. 

I’ve explored all these options for two years of living in the Virgin Islands. Ideally, owning your own boat is the best mode of transportation, but considering boats are expensive, using someone else’s (water taxi) is the next best option. 

 This article will explore the benefits of using a water taxi service in the Virgin Islands, so buy your ticket and start planning with these tips. 

Benefits of a Water Taxi

For your convenience, we’ve listed the top five benefits of a water taxi below. 

1. Convenience

First, one of the primary benefits of using a water taxi service is its convenience. Water taxis can pick you up and drop you off at any location with waterfront access, including hotels, restaurants, and private residences. This means you can skip the hassle of navigating through traffic or searching for parking and enjoy a stress-free ride to your destination.

Being on vacation means having less stress; parking, rentals, and driving on the islands can be tricky (left-side-of-the-road driving). Avoid the stress, and consider a private water taxi. 

2. Comfort

Next, water taxis offer a comfortable and enjoyable ride, with spacious seating and panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Unlike other modes of transportation, such as buses or taxis, you’ll have plenty of room to stretch out and relax. With options for a private taxi or shared ride, you have the best of both worlds, cheap and convenient or private and personal. 

Comfort is a luxury we as humans thrive on; feed your soul during your vacation. 

3. Speed

At number three, water taxis are a much faster mode of transportation than other options (driving or taking a ferry) They can navigate through narrow channels and shallow waters, allowing you to reach your destination quickly and efficiently. 

This is especially beneficial for visitors when you’re trying to maximize your time in the Virgin Islands and see as much as possible. Plus, who doesn’t like going fast across a smooth ocean?

4. Flexibility

Up Next, water taxis offer a high degree of flexibility, allowing you to customize your itinerary to suit your needs. You can choose your pickup and drop-off times and even alter your route if you want to explore a new area. 

This makes water taxis ideal for visitors who want to create their schedules and explore the Virgin Islands at their own pace. By choosing private taxis, consider that boat yours with a private captain. 

5. Unique Experiences

Lastly, using a water taxi service in the Virgin Islands can offer unique experiences that other modes of transportation simply can’t match. You can enjoy a leisurely ride through the picturesque harbors and waterways and take in the stunning views of the surrounding islands. 

With the ability to stop at secluded beaches and hidden coves, you can create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. We travel and explore to create memories that we’ll never forget. Maximize your time in the islands.

Frequently Asked Questions

For your leisure, I’ve gone ahead and answered some common questions that we at Dolphin Water Taxi get asked often. 

How Much is a Water Taxi From St. Thomas to Tortola?

At Dolphin Water Taxi we can bring you to any side of Tortola. Depending on your budget and where you’re going you can expect to pay anywhere from $189-$209 per person. This depends on whether you’re getting a private, shared ride, or a full-day excursion. 

How Much is a Water Taxi From St. Thomas to Jost Van Dyke?

Traveling from St. Thomas to Jost Van Dyke is a beautiful ride. You’ll be cruising by St. Thomas, Buck Island, Christmas Cove, St. John, Tortolla, and finally arriving at Jost Van Dyke. A private water taxi will run you $209 per person with a 6-guest minimum. Comparatively a shared ride, you’ll only need five guests minimum. 

If you’re interested in just a day tour to explore the island and beaches, you’ll be paying $190 per person with an eight-person minimum (this trip is 6.5 hours in duration).

How Much is a Water Taxi From St. Thomas to St. John?

Although St John is right across the way, it still requires a ride to the other side. A water taxi ride with Dolphin costs $78 per person, plus tax. 

What is The Best Way to Get Around The Virgin Islands?

After thorough research, the best way to get around the Virgin Islands is by water taxi. You have more freedom and the option to delegate a private captain for all of your vacation needs. 

The Verdict

A water taxi service can offer numerous benefits for visitors to the Virgin Islands. From convenience and comfort to speed and flexibility, a water taxi can help you make the most of your time in this beautiful region. 

If you want to optimize your vacation and create an enhanced experience, do yourself a favor and book a private water taxi. 

When booking your vacation consider staying on St John, which is right in the middle of the British Virgin Islands and the US Virgin Islands, putting you in an optimal location. 





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